Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Super Canning Day

Just wanted to make a record of which recipes I used for what things since it was such a super busy day in the kitchen!

Blue Ribbon Preserves, Linda Amendt (BRP)

Ball Blue Book (BBB)

Blackberry Jam, BRP 69

Fig Jam, BRP 72

Cherry Jam, BRP 71

Apple Jelly, BRP 104 (just used the same as the grape juice)

Grape Jelly, BRP 104

Hot Pepper Jelly, BBB 36

Scuppernong Jelly, used the instuctions for grape jelly in the pkg insert

Peach Jelly, BRP112

Cherry Jelly, BRP 98

Peach preserves, BRP 151

Blackberry Preserves, BRP 147

Pear Jelly, BRP

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