Monday, July 09, 2007

Silver King Corn

We stopped at Mark's Melon Patch on the way to Alabama last week. They were unloading the truck with Silver King corn. Silver Queen I know of, but Silver King? I wasn't too sure, but I bought a peck basket since there would be a lot of people where we were going.

The corn got cooked and it was without a doubt the best corn that I have ever had!! Therefore, with the Explorer packed to the brim we stopped on the way home. Ralph said very confidently before we stopped, "Oh, we have plenty of room!" Famous last words! We were able to get two bushel bags into the car. He said that he was terrified that I had gotten three when he saw the size of them.

I don't can corn unless it is a relish. All of this got cut off the cob and frozen...of course, a large amount was and is still being eaten fresh on the cob.

I am sure that Silver King is some mutant hybrid from some wretch of a company like Monsanto...but, it was really tasty!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry!

Awesome blog! I wanted to thank you for adding your blog to the group liks at C2. Have a Great Weekend.


Bix said...

Hi there,
Can I ask ... do you just scrape the kernals off the cob and freeze them as is? And then just boil them?
Thank you :)

Fyreseer said...

Actually, it's not currently a GMO, as far as I am aware. It IS a cultivar, or hybrid, though. There are two varieties of Silver King: one from the early 1900s (a roasting ear), and the other from 1973 (sweetcorn). I don't know what two varietals are crossed to get it, but I know you can't save seed to plant it next year.