Saturday, August 04, 2007

August Update

Well, I've been bad about updating my blog over the past few weeks. The trip to Alabama seemed to mark a lull in my canning energy. Time to get back with it!! Last week, I found some scuppernogs at the farmers market. I juiced them on Monday morning and then had surgery on Monday afternoon. Needless to say, no jelly or syrup out of them yet. Expect those pictures in the next week or so.

Update on the cukes I have been fermenting for weeks on end...I give up!! They have fermented well but after over 2 months they aren't even close to being finished. It's time for me to cry uncle on this batch and consider doing a late summer batch. Then again, I can always try again next year.

I have lots and lots of things in the freezer that are in mid-canning. Over the next two or three weeks, all of these are joing to have to find their way into jars. Juices of blueberry, strawberry, peach, muscadine, scuppernog, blackberry. There is tomato water to be canned. Tomato pulp to go through the strainer. There are more blackberries, peaches, and blueberries that are just begging to be made into jam or preserves!

Apples and pears will be here soon and I need to start planning. I also need to get some soups made. I was hoping to can a bunch of tomato soup this summer but the local tomatoes are already gone. One of the local farmers tells me that there should be a late crop of both tomatoes and cukes, if the weather holds. We'll see...

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