Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Liz Pecans

In my quest to find quality food, local, and hopefully sustainable family farms...I was on a mission to find pecans as we travel through south Georgia pecan country early this December.

We had stopped at several places but they were either way expensive or I just had a bad feeling about where we were buying them from. This was a bad year for pecans due to the drought and there just aren't as many around as usual. The pecans I could find were small and expensive. I had given up just west of Waycross and then I saw a sign in Alapaha...

Several miles and a couple of turns off the main road, we found Liz Pecans. The open sign was up but there was no one in the little make-shift store that was at the back end of their pecan orchard.

We tried to find some one but ended up doing as others had done-leaving a note as to what you are buying and putting the cash on the table. Their pecans were beautiful and tasty, the price was fair for the season. What more can you ask for??

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