Sunday, December 09, 2007


The middle of October saw the death of my dear friend May. I made an epic trip (28 hours in the car roundtrip) over 3 days with our three kids to attend her funeral in LA.

After the funeral we headed home. My goodness, there were farm stands all over the bayou. It was great to see. Not to mention, the huge fields of sugar cane that were being harvested. The sugar cane was so beautiful it almost made me not have disgust for the affect that it has had on so many of us.

We only stopped at one of these stands. This little place was in Raceland on LA Hwy 1. I bought Satsumas and the single greatest "prawlines" I have ever tasted. I tasted one and then bought everyone she had!! They had militons growing all around and the lady's husband was grinding sassafras for gumbo file' around back. I didn't get near enough pictures of this beautiful little place.

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