Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Birthday Party and the Sad Truth

Our daughter, our youngest of the three, turned 3 yesterday. We had a nice little party planned for her with one other family coming over. I put some thought into what I should make. We were planning on a Princess and Pirate Party. Everything was great but one thing...the food...It was awful...I am sad and disheartened. Why?

It turns out that we have changed more than I guess I ever knew. I took some short cuts and the food was not lousy, but it certainly was not good.

The Menu

Nutella Rollovers
Apricot-Cream Cheese Uncrusties
Egg Salad on Pumpernickle
Palmiers 2-Ways
Mini Quiche Lorraine

Shirley Temples

Strawberry Shortcake Torte

We started on this journey of increasing the quality and nutrient density of our food several years ago. It has led us to feeling healthier, strong and robust children, and on most occasions, very tasty food. The other side of that is that now it is so had to take any kind of short-cut. Our tastes have changed and that is a good thing but at the same time it makes it rather difficult.
-I did not like the taste or the texture of the cake, Strawberry Shortcake Torte from the King Arthur Whole Grains Cookbook, and I will not make it again.
-Frozen Puff Patry does not taste very good anymore
-The mini quiche cups that you buy frozen are not very good anymore either
-Nutella, no matter how bad it is for you, rocks!

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